Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Chianti Holiday

This is Muricciaglia, our home away from home between Castellina and Radda in Chianti.  The picture was taken by hiking down through the olive trees and grapevines to the bottom of the property into the surrounding forest.  Road access to the property is from above.  The largest building is the beautiful home of our hosts.  An arch inside dates the home.

This is Fienile, the building at the top of the photo of the overall property.  It was our temporary home, and originally, the hay barn.

This is the view from the backside of Fienile.  Many morning coffees and afternoon wines were enjoyed from here!

One of the beautiful views from the main house.

We have returned to our favorite vacation spot to reunite with old friends and enjoy the country life of Tuscany.  Some things are best remembered rather than revisited, but not Tuscany.  It is even better than I remembered.
I feel so in touch with the current movement to eat healthier--fresh, local, even organic when possible. Now I remember, in Tuscany there is no other way.  The cooking of Tuscany is not complicated, but it does require time and effort.  Everyone grows what they can, whether it's a vineyard or a window box of herbs.
In the small hill towns of the Chianti region there are usually fresh markets once a week if the town is large enough.  Otherwise, it could be only once or twice a month.  There is a small Co-op grocery in most villages where you can buy the necessities.  The people here have used the locally available food for generations.  In their minds there is no other way. When the season is over, you wait for next year.  I wanted fava beans. Too late, I am told. They are already too old and tough to be good.  Oh well, next time we must come earlier in the season!
(I'll be adding more pictures and recipes soon!)

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