Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Beer's For YOU!!

Hubert Keller's Chocolate Stout Cake is in the books as DONE—and well worth the effort! For his original recipe, go to or for a step by step pictorial. That Little Mouse knows how to make things look so darn delicious, you HAVE to make them.

I didn't have to go any further to find the cake I needed for a major celebration. Not only are we 'drinking' toasts to the wonderful review in NO DEPRESSION of our kids' new CD GHOST OF THE KNOXVILLE GIRL, now we are lifting a fork of beer to them, too! Can you tell I'm a proud Mama? Well, I am, and with good reason!

Check it out for yourself:

Now let me tell you about this celebratory cake—I mean, how many cakes call for stout beer? And Guinness was certainly my stout choice. The cake is cut into four layers, and each layer is filled with a sweet chocolate cream that melts in your mouth. The cake makes a beautiful presentation—and I do believe the recipient of a slice of this chocolate heaven will know there's a reason to celebrate! All my recipients did.

A couple of things come to mind now that I've made this decadent layered dessert: the cake part has good texture, and you can actually taste the stout beer flavor as an elusive 'what is that flavor'. I'm not sure anyone would ever guess! The filling is so delicious you're tempted to eat it with a spoon and skip everything else. I'm pretty sure I'm going to find other ways to incorporate that exact mixture into other recipes. The glaze certainly holds its own. I might be tempted to make something a little heavier like a ganache, but that very well could be too much. Lord knows I'm not second guessing Mr. Keller! He's put together wonderful flavor combinations, and textures that really work. I'm just always messing with things.

Thank you, Hungry Mouse, for leading me through this recipe. I felt like we were making it together!

And congratulations, Douglas and Telisha Williams! All your hard work is paying off!!

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  1. You can't help but love a cake that pairs well with beer!