Saturday, January 2, 2010

Begininng 2010 with Beaufort Oysters and a Better Attitude!

Carteret County Oysters
Seafood from Fish Town is hard to beat. It's just a mile or so down the road from Dog Town, supposedly the poor end of Ann Street. That's where all the children and dogs grew up back in the day, and where we happily live now--still plenty of dogs, and a herd of cats, but most of the children are grown and gone.
We started 2010 with Oysters Williams-AKA Rockefeller (recipe: -a half bushel of Carteret County's finest. It looked more like the fish monger's version of a baker's dozen--quite a generous portion. The boys steamed them on the grill by the light of the very Blue Moon, while the girls concocted the magic potion that converts the already sensual oyster into something very close to an orgasm on the half shell.
We devoured them like starving New Year revelers. When we ran out of fixin's and had downed an oyster shot or two, there were still enough oysters left for stew the next day.
Have you ever wished for all the oysters you could eat? I have.
What a great way to begin 2010!
If you're interested in making the most of the second decade of the 21st century, check out the Gourmet Girl's weightloss program. She is serious about peeling away the layers, observing the REAL causes and moving forward with a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying great foods and wine.
I'm willing to eat less, and move more, but I just can't give up the great food, so I'm really interested in everything she has to offer!
Let's make 2010 a memorable year for all the right reasons!


  1. It's hard to write about food, cook food, eat food and try to loose weight... oysters seem like a good idea to start :)
    I'm trying to start my year with less pasta and more salads.

  2. Mmmm, my dad makes this omelet with oysters in it for breakfast every now and again, good stuff!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Oysters...yes!! And these sound wonderful.

    Moderation...that is the key And Mark Bittman had a good idea with vegan till evening( at least I think that was what he said...where's that book again....)

    Thanks for your comments and support,Annelle. You rock!!

  4. Thank you for stopping by! Yes, just about everything I do is related to food, so losing weight is tough, and I'm stubborn about good food! I'm doing the same, Food Lover, and concentrating on less pasta/bread, and more fruits/vegetables...I think you're right Saucy, moderation!! Now, the oyster omelet sounds like a delicious treat that would satisfy anyone!